The Toxic Love- Chapter 1: who were they?

It was a normal weekday morning for the people of Najafgarh, Delhi. It was a narrow crowded street. The mothers were taking their children to school buses. Men were bringing milk from shops for their families. Some people were taking a walk with their dogs. Though there were not sufficient places for humans in those houses and streets, some people kept their dogs with them.

Everything was as a usual normal morning. Nothing special or interesting. But suddenly something happened that made some people curious. People stand in the street and on balconies and watching something with great curiosity.

Some policemen and policewomen were there. They were taking two people from a small congested flat. One man and one woman. They covered their faces. But still, people can guess they were young and good-looking. They were wearing casual wearing, that is knee-length lowers and round-neck T-shirts.

“Oh! They are the couple who took a flat on rent recently”- one voice came.

“It is too risky to rent out a house nowadays”- says another voice.

“Landlord must have checked their Aadhar and other documents, their landlord is a nice and law-abiding person”- the third voice says.

So many voices and whispers made the environment exciting. Soon after many press vans and media persons reached there. Breaking news started scrolling on TV screens.

Who were they? What did they do? Are they part of human trafficking or sex racket? Why did police take them?

Soon news channels flashed the headlines “One Afghanistan citizen has been arrested with his aide for selling drugs. Who is his aide, that girl? News channels started giving data about foreign nationals indulging in illegal activities in India.


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